Emerging trends in ICT


Since its inception, the field computer information technology has evolved, with new trends emerging each and every day. The constant evolution has resulted in the transformation of information and communication technology from an economic enabler to an economic facilitator. Computing information technology has changed the way people do business and interact, and with more and more people becoming computer literate, computers are expected to continue playing the transformational role. Some of the new computer technologies include; internet of things (IoT), microservices architecture and Blockchain.


Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things entails machine to machine communication through a network. The main components in IoT are sensors, actuators, virtual objects, networks people and services. Sensors are responsible for collecting information from the environment and sending the information through the network for processing. A good example of sensors is the speed limiters in motor vehicles, CCTV cameras, smoke detectors in buildings and wearable’s. On the other hand, the role of actuators in IoT is to affect the environment. For example, if the sensors have sensed that the temperature of a room is high, actuators moderate the temperature. The network is the communication medium while the platform helps in processing the information from sensors. Internet of thing is growing rapidly with millions of devices getting connected to the cloud. IoT have domestic and industrial application, making them a very reliable technology of the future.

Microservices architecture

Microservices architecture is another emerging trend in technology that enables software developers to develop software in small modules that are independent and runs uniquely. Modules in the internet of things are made to communicate using well defined mechanisms which are lightweight to meet a business objective. Some of application that has been developed using this architecture includes PayPal, Netflix, The Guardian, eBay and Twitter. Some of the advantages of using the technology are that it facilitates software development using a small team, and helps developers to make use of latest technologies.



Blockchain is a database that contains a collection of records which are referred to as blocks, and prevent them from being altered. All the blocks in the Blockchain have a time stamp and are linked to a previous block. The technology serves as the pillar of bit coins technology and was first established in 2008. The technology has evolved with time and it is now being used in other transactions over the internet. Blockchain technology facilitates secure transactions in the cloud, and as e-commerce continues to grow, Blockchain will continue to grow.

Where to watch these technologies

Wearable technology show is the biggest trade show in the world for IoT, Wearables and other forms of connected technologies. The next show will take place on 7-8 March 2017 in London. Other trade shows where you can learn more about the above technologies includes China import and export fair, telecom world congress, info security trade show, and Tecom annual conference. At these shows you will find hundreds if not thousands exhibitors with their amazing trade show display systems designed to grab your attention and get you interested in the services they provide. So if you can’t imagine your life without technology or they are essential for your business and you want to always  be up-to-date visiting these shows might be a good idea!